The mystery of Local 2138's charter

Posted on 03/24/2015 by Billy Kauffman

One cold and snowy February morning, mechanic at Juniata County PennDOT and member of AFSCME Local 2138 Dave Taylor discovered a document sitting on his workbench when he arrived for work at 4 a.m. Taylor was used to random items showing up like this as he is known to be somewhat of a historian and collector, and coworkers bring different things...

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Gov. Tom Wolf's budget address focuses on Pennsylvania's middle class.

Posted on 03/03/2015 by Jennifer George

Harrisburg, PA (March 3, 2015) - Today, Governor Tom Wolf proposed the most working class friendly Pennsylvania state budget in years. Wolf proved that “Fresh Start” was more than a campaign slogan.


AFSCME Council 13 is very pleased with Wolf’s proposals, and we also recognize there is a long road ahead in order for these things to be accomplished.  To view the full press release, please click read full article.

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AFSCME and NHS sign new three-year agreement

Posted on 02/04/2015 by Billy Kauffman

This morning, Executive Director Dave Fillman and Assistant to the Executive Director Darrin Spann, along with the AFSCME and Management negotiation teams, signed AFSCME Council 13's three-year agreement with Northwestern Human Services (NHS); the largest non-state employer under contract with AFSCME Council 13. The new contract included advancements in the health care system and was overwhelmingly ratified by the membership. AFSCME and NHS enjoy a healthy labor-management relationship, and this new agreement reflects that.

State Agreement negotiations just around the corner

Posted on 02/02/2015 by Billy Kauffman

Since Governor Wolf’s inauguration less than two weeks ago, we have been in contact with the new administration regarding the upcoming contract negotiations.


The governor's first priority was putting in place his cabinet secretaries. The Secretary of Administration is Sharon Minnich. He has also started the bidding process to select labor counsel, whom would oversee our negotiations for the governor and Secretary Minnich.


Once this process is complete, we will commence negotiations for the new State Agreement. Please continue to check as we will post further information as soon as possible.

Local 2952 gives back

Posted on 01/22/2015 by Billy Kauffman

As part of the AFSCME Gives Back program, Local 2952 donated $500 to Penn Lincoln Elementary School to help the school's behavioral program. This is the second annual donation to the school on the part of Local 2952. Great job, sisters and brothers.

In the photo (left to right): Local 2952 Vice President Joe Eckels, Local 2952 President Gary Orner, Penn Lincoln Elementary School Principal Catherine Keefe and school secretary Janice Calvin.

Rick Smith's Labor History in 2 minutes

Posted on 01/16/2015 by Billy Kauffman

We recently talked with our friend and union advocate Rick Smith, host of the Rick Smith Show, about the work AFSCME members do at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Check out his website where today's episode will be posted, and check out past episodes. Rick is a refreshing voice of truth and reason for the labor movement.

We also encourage you to listen to today's and past editions of "Labor History in 2:00," a fascinating look at the history of the labor movement that too often goes overlooked.

Thank you, Rick, for all your support and efforts to educate people on the importance of unions in Pennsylvania, the United States and beyond.

Study finds union members more happy than non-union workers

Posted on 01/15/2015 by Billy Kauffman

An op-ed recently published by the New York Times found that while union membership has declined in the United States, the 11.2 percent of the work force who are still fortunate enough to be in a union are more happy than their non-union counterparts.

The report, which studied unions in 14 different nations, found that "union members are more satisfied with their lives than those who are not members and that the substantive effect of union membership on life satisfaction is large and rivals other common predictors of quality of life."

AFSCME put together a fun video celebrating what union members already know, life is better when you're union.

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