AFSCME Council 13 stands with Verizon workers

Posted on 04/29/2016 by William Kauffman

Members of Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electricians (IBEW) employed by Verizon continue to strike as Verizon executives refuse to settle a contract that would put many technicians and customer service representatives back to work.

Customer service and quality of service continue to dwindle as Verizon tries to fill the void with replacement workers that simply cannot perform the job as well as the unionized workers.

CWA released a statement yesterday that gives the latest on the status of negotiations.

"It’s time for Verizon to set aside its obsession with short term profits and exorbitant salaries for a few executives. It’s time for Verizon to start bargaining in good faith in order to preserve good middle-class jobs and ensure that customers receive the high quality service they deserve," the statement read in-part. 

Show your support for these workers by signing this petition.

"It is more important than ever for unions and their members to stand united with one another. Council 13 is proud to stand with the striking members of CWA and IBEW," Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman said.

"Their fight is just, and we are with them until the workers get the contract they deserve."

Correction regarding Next Wave Conference

Posted on 04/29/2016 by William Kauffman

One of the forms regarding making reservations for the Next Wave Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Reading, PA, gave the wrong phone number.

To make reservations for the Next Wave Conference, you must call 1-877-814-2538, and use block code "CME". 

Click here for additional information about the Next Wave Conference. The link now includes the correct information.

Council 13 enters into negotiations with Commonwealth

Posted on 04/28/2016 by William Kauffman

On Thursday, April 28, the Council 13 negotiating team, 110 Rank-and-File AFSCME members and 30 1st Level Supervisors, sat down across from Commonwealth negotiators to continue the process of hammering out a new contract for AFSCME-represented state employees. 

This is the second negotiating session, in which the Commonwealth presents its proposals after Council 13 presented proposals in August 2015. More negotiation sessions are expected in the future, and all parties are striving to pass an agreement prior to July.

As the process begins, negotiations are not expected to be particularly easy. The state budget that recently passed without the governor's signature failed to produce additional revenue for the state, which could put a strain on bargaining. 

Nonetheless, AFSCME leadership is invested in creating the best contract for Commonwealth employees, who took a one-year extension last time around. It is the hope of AFSCME leadership and negotiators that the upcoming deal is more long-term and comprehensive.

"Times like these bring to the forefront the need to bring more revenue into the state. AFSCME members are doing the work that makes the Commonwealth happen, and they have only had to work harder in recent years," Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman said. 

"For that reason, they deserve a strong contract, and we are here to fight for that."

Remembering those we lost and fighting for the living on Workers Memorial Day

Posted on 04/28/2016 by William Kauffman

"Safety first" is the motto for a lot of things in life, and going to work should be no different.

Unfortunately, more than 4,800 people died on the job in 2014, while 50,000 more died from diseases caused by workplace hazards. Additionally, it was found that public sector employees are at a higher risk than others.

Today is Workers Memorial Day, but it is important every day to prioritize safety in the workplace. AFSCME continuously fights and advocates for strong contracts that focus on workplace safety, and lobbies for laws that enforce it. Nonetheless, there is much work to be done. 

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All Council 13-endorsed candidates take home wins in PA Primary

Posted on 04/27/2016 by William Kauffman

Congratulations to all of AFSCME Council 13's endorsed candidates for taking home big wins in Pennsylvania's Primary Election on April 26! 

AFSCME's endorsed candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, won 55 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania, and will likely be the Democratic nominee for president.

The four-way Democratic race to take on incumbent Pat Toomey for the US Senate saw Katie McGinty scoring a victory, and we wish her all the best for another big win in November. 

Also, Council 13-endorsed candidate for Attorney General Josh Shapiro won the Democratic Primary, and will take on John Rafferty in the Fall. 

Eugene DePasquale and Joe Torsella ran unopposed, for Auditor General and Treasurer, respectively, and we wish them all the best in November. 

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and well done to all the AFSCME Council 13 members who got the vote out for these pro-labor candidates. 

PA Primary Election Day TODAY

Posted on 04/25/2016

Today, Tuesday, April 26, is Pennsylvania's Primary Election Day! This is a crucial election, and it is more important than ever that AFSCME members get out to vote. Pennsylvania's polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. 

Click here for a list of all of AFSCME Council 13's endorsed candidates

Council 13 officers and trustees sworn in

Posted on 04/25/2016 by William Kauffman

An election was held over the past weekend during the AFSCME Council 13 Convention to elect officers and trustees of Council 13's Executive Board. Re-elected and newly-elected officers and trustees were sworn in by District Council 85 Director David Henderson.

                                                                                                  Congratulations to all! 

                                                                 Click here for complete results

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