Member-Only Benefits
Learn more about services and discounts available only to dues-paying

AFSCME members.

Union Business Leave Form

The Union Business Leave Request Form must be completed in order to attend a Council 13 conference or convention.

Workers' Compensation
A guide put together by Willig, Williams & Davidson on everything you ever wanted to know about  Workers' Compensation -- need more information?  Call: 1-866-413-COMP (2667) or email:

Officers' Tools

Download and print a variety of materials for Presidents, Stewards, and Treasurers - including internal organizing materials.

View online versions of the Council 13 Connection , Council 13's Constitution,

the Master Agreement, the Master Memorandum  When the Paycheck Stops (An AFSCME Survival Guide to Unemployment) Celebrating Forty Years of Unity (Council 13 40th anniversary book)

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